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Our Website Design Got a Facelift

June 3, 2009 No Comments by admin

Since our inception in 2002, we have been hearing variations on a theme from clients for their website needs. They all request attractive design, easy-to-navigate pages (usability), easily located by search engines (high page rank) and content that they can manage on an ongoing basis. No matter what market, their overall needs seem to be the same.

Over these seven years, the technology has changed, of course, and the tactics we suggest may be different, but the basic idea remains constant. Knowing that, coupled with the slow down in economy, we have decided to offer a new type of product that should appeal to the bottom line:  more comprehensive and affordable website packages.

We can do this, not by lowering our price or lessening the value of our experience, but by taking into consideration the following general assumptions. We know what most companies need at their stage of development. We know what works online. We are exceptional at determining the right look and feel for a company’s brand. And finally, we can predefine the amount of time it will take to meet that specific criteria.

New Brown Dog Creative Website

New Brown Dog Creative Website

So now, if you want us to unleash your brand online, you can simply pick the plan that suits your company’s strategy and budget and we are on our way.

Other new website changes include: updated portfolio and new website “previews” on homepage (see image).

Got a minute? Please tell us what you think of our new ideas.

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