How We Do It

How We Do It

Our Blueprint for Successful Web Design


Our Holistic Project Management and Strategic Discovery Process saves you and your team time and money. One of our approaches, most fundamental to your success, is an in depth planning stage, that happens, not in a vacumn, but cooperatively with you, listening to your needs and those of your clients (maybe even those you haven’t thought about yet). Being strategic now about your web decisions is key to growing your business or organization without outgrowing your website.

Design and Development

Designing Your Look is more than just pretty pictures and vibrant color. Your brand is important, we make sure your look and feel is saying what you want and is in alignment with your current strategy. Don’t have a strategy? Let us create one with the help of one of many strategic partners, and unleash your potential in a big way.

Your Integrated Solution

We cut through the jargon, even during our technical phase, to make sure your site works for you, makes sense with the message you want to send, and looks consistent with the image you want to project. In short, we program the technology to work for you and the audience you are trying to reach.

Search Engine Optimization

We take your rank seriously! We understand how important it is to appear at the top of the page so we practice proven techniques that assure optimized placement. Some of these techniques include embedding keyword-rich page titles, heading tags and META keywords into your page’s HTML code. We include these key elements into the page templates to assure a good base from which to build. Of course, many other factors are contribute to high page rank including backlinking (links that point to your site) and great content.

Maintenance of Your Site

Maintenance shouldn’t be something you dread, or worse yet, something scary! Our goal is to make you feel comfortable maintaining your own site, and if you are comfortable, but just don’t have time, let us maintain it for you. Our team can create fresh content and communications, drive your social networks, and make friends, all while you worry about what you do best!