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Easy-to-use Online Photo Editors

November 15, 2008 No Comments by admin

Clients often asked us how to crop, or even reduce the file size, of a photo for their website or blog. For web developers and other graphic designers that use CS3 or 4, it is tempting for us to offer a knee jerk recommendation of Adobe’s Photoshop® as it offers all they need and more. But this presents some problems as our typical clients wouldn’t use it enough to warrant it’s hefty price tag or steep learning curve. So… we struggled to find something reasonably priced, basic enough for their needs and easy to learn.

So last month, while developing with The Nonprofit Center, we searched to find just such a solution that their members could use in order to edit their project photos and post unassisted. Alas, we (or rather our amazing client, Tuesday Cetin) found just such a tool. And the best part is that it is not only reasonably priced, but free! Introducing: Pixenate™.

Further research from our team, disclosed a comprehensive resource list of other similar tools on Mashable: see Online Photo Editors. If these sounds like something you need, give them each a try and let us know which you prefer.

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