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Do You Need a Biz Blog?

June 27, 2008 1 Comment by admin

A biz blog is an online journal from a business perspective that is frequently updated and intended for public consumption. It is a tool for communicating with customers or employees on a more personal level about corporate issues.

Tangible results will take some time, but many companies post biz blogs because they:

Give the company a voice. They present information from an insider’s perspective. Blogs can show a CEO’s personal point of view, not just their products and services.

Position the author as industry expert. The author shares knowledge and expertise through specific topic-oriented information.

Help to educate an audience. The author has an opportunity to publish fresh, insightful commentary that speaks personally to his clients. Entries should be authentic and should not read like press releases.

Invite feedback. Comments create an open dialogue between author and audience and encourage their participation.

Increase online visibility. Some blogs catch the attention of the media and gain mainstream coverage. They keep the company top of mind with clients and show its technological savvy.

Generate word-of-mouth interest. Viral marketing moves fast and more efficiently than the traditional word-of-mouth approach.

Build an online community. Blogs create a place for like-minded individuals to gather around your core initiatives.

Drive traffic to your Web site. A biz blog will link seamlessly to and from the company’s Web site.

Are free and fast. You can create a blog in less than five minutes at or

Want to customize its look and feel to match your company’s brand, give is a call and we will unleash it.

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