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13 Jun

Are you blogging (a/k/a creating content)?

The demand for compelling content is often met with “ughhh…do I have to, I’m not a writer!”  But everyone can be a writer, and developing content – whether that is blog posts, email blasts, or page content – is essential to your site being relevent for your audience!  If you aren’t comfortable with writing, or, likely, just don’t have time, let us help you.  We’ll create the content based off titling and keywords that would help raise your rank, and make your website a living, breathing, relevant organism, again!

Idea’s to get you past writer’s block

  1. Become David Letterman.  What’s your top ten list, who’s on it, and why?
  2. Do an interview.  This is a great opportunity to connect with someone in your sector that you have been unable to reach out to!  Who wouldn’t want to be considered an “expert” in their field?
  3. Find the trends.  Visit, click on the “More Hot Searches” link, and pick something from the list.

Happy blogging!

03 May

Five Ways a QR Code Can Help Your Business

Lately, you may have heard about QR Codes and wonder the heck they are? And further, how – if it all – they can enhance your marketing efforts? How do you even make one you might wonder? Who uses them?

Let me clear up some of the mystique so you can understand what they are and decide if they are a good fit for your business or nonprofit organization.

Just what is a QR code, anyway?

Simply put, a QR code is a 2-D bar code. It can be scanned by a reader and sent to a website or web page. These days, many people have apps for their smart phones that allow them to scan on the spot. I love mine! (QRReader App»)

How do I make a QR Code?

Its easy, you can use a QR Code Generator to create a code that looks like the one pictured.

Five Creative Business Uses for a QR Code

  1. Convert via a Landing page – Create a QR Code for a specific promotional offer that points to a unique URL. It’s best to send them to an internal landing page (versus your home page) with a relevant call to action and conversion form. A traditional print advertisement is the perfect spot for these, keeping the layout attractive and clean while providing a way for an interested prospect to dig deeper.
  2. Connect through a Business Card – Print a QR Code onto your business card, giving the recipient a place to go to learn more about your company, than merely how to contact you. You can even tap into your social networks by sending them to your Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter pages.
  3. Sell at Your Storefront – If your business has a storefront, or even online store, it is nice to display a QR Code at your entrance for those who stumble by after hours and want to reach out, or shop immediately. At point of contact, convert the visitor to a sale, or at least provide them the opportunity to connect remotely.
  4. Add to your Subscriber List – Use a QR Code to send people to your email list sign up form. Give them a reason to join and provide quality value-added material in your emails and you will create a loyal follower. These type of codes are great on a leave behind after a presentation or webinar.
  5. Share an Event Gallery or Video – Use a recent event as an excuse to share a photo gallery or video. People love photos and videos. You can add a gallery/video-linked QR Code to an event ticket, program or email blast which provides an easy avenue for those interested in experiencing the fun after the fact.

So while these are just a sampling of ways to use QR Codes to enhance a customer or member’s experience, you get the idea. A QR Code creates mystique behind the promotion or connection. Its one’s natural curiosity to scan and see, so take advantage of that instinct and try it out.

If you’ve already ventured into the QR landscape, what other successful ways has your business used them?

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