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18 Aug

Two New Sites Highlight Hip Factor

It’s been a busy few days for Brown Dog, but we are very excited to have launched another two websites into the world!

Riverside Fine Arts Association

Riverside Fine ArtsRFAA brings world-class music performances to Jacksonville ranging from Grammy-winning vocal groups to instrumental virtuosi, to jazz legends and guitar quartets and host receptions that feature the work of local artisans.  Marrying great talent with historic venues, such as The Church of the Good Shepherd, Five Points Theatre, and Florida Theatre, gives an experience unlike any other in Jacksonville.  Quite a gem in the fabric of our Northeast Florida nonprofit community.

Tickets are available now for their Concert and Organ Series, so visit their newly designed site and support their great work and upcoming artists!


So now, while this was a “pet” project, we are equally excited to launch Wooforium! Lesley and Jason, also referred to as “curators of cool”, have hand picked cool, modern, and eco-friendly dog products they love! Our dogs are modern and hip and as dog lovers and parents, we want to give our four-legged family members the best products available.

If you are looking for stylish, but hard to find, elevated dog bowls or throvers and everything in between for your modern pup, Wooforium will be your new favorite site!

26 Jul

Communication Plans – Get Started!

Communication plans take on many forms within our businesses and organizations – sticky notes, pop up reminders, spreadsheets, and 30-page manuals, and some, are even invisible – but whatever form your plan takes, is it really working FOR you?

Many of us, who are tasked with creating a communications plan, ask, is the work to develop one really worth it? The answer in short is YES, because it helps to:

  • Set priorities
  • Give your daily work focus
  • Avoid last-minute demands – although, do we ever really ditch those!
  • Provide order and control, so the task at hand is not so overwhelming; and, of course,
  • Give your strategic plan the support it needs!
Creating a plan can be as simple, or as complicated, as you make it; but we suggest the following as a way to kickstart the process:

1.     Write down every way, verbal or written, that you communicate externally (internal communications, like reports to Board, etc can be added in as well).

2.     Now, assign next to each the timing of that communication. Is it daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly?

3.     Taking that list then plot it against an appropriate calendar.

4.     To make things easier, next to each, brainstorm and write down ideas for the communication – tweet topics, resources to share, blog post ideas, announcements.

5.     You have created a plan!

Now, be sure to include ALL avenues of communication! Yes, that time spent on Facebook, is communicating, and social media should most definitely be part of an all-inclusive communications plan.  Meet your constituents where they are, and your plan will begin to work for you!

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