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14 Aug

Why Your Business Needs a Responsive Website

Occasionally, there is a universal or global technical development that causes me to pay extra attention on behalf of my clients and in turn jump up and down like a crazy person and flag them on its urgency. This is one of those times. Period.

Mobile stats are increasing every day at lightning speed. In fact, we have seen a 30% increase in Smartphone and iPad usage since 2010. And this number is growing! To understand the impact of this increase is to recognize that now one in every three users to a business’s website are interacting using one of these devices. Companies can no longer choose to ignore them or risk losing out to their competition. Statistics prove that 61% of web users who visit a non-friendly mobile website are likely to turn to the business’s competitor’s site. For websites with a high volume of traffic, that can be too huge a number to simply ignore.

What is the solution to managing your business website’s mobile content?

In the recent past, a business was likely to manage multiple sites with an “m” subdomain or similar. (e.g. As a result, this was problematic for Google and other search engines as it forced them to crawl multiple pages with similar content over the different subdomains. The dual websites often delivered slower load times which led to high bounce rates.

Now, if you create a Responsive Website, the site will adapt to fit to each device size automatically by using CSS3 media queries with proportion-based grids to alter the way the page renders on mobile. In other words, you manage content using a single Content Management System and the visitor’s device will be detected and the appropriate user-friendly layout delivered creating a positive experience for the customer. You simply develop (or modify) a single, smarter website.

“Google says the advantages of this method include having one URL making it easier for your users to interact with the page and enable Google’s algorithms to assign the indexing properties to your content.”

What costs can a business expect to incur when modifying or developing a Responsive Website?

When a business created a mobile-specific site for their users as mentioned above, they paid web developers twice – once for their standard website and again for the mobile version. Now businesses can develop, or modify their current static site, ONCE, saving money if they develop a single Responsive Website. Another savings occurs down the road, as Smartphone and iPad sizes change, a Responsive Website will adapt automatically having queried for a percent width versus a static pixel width, making it liquid and flexible and eliminating the need to redevelop with the new static size. You know many App Developers are dreading the upcoming IPhone 5 predicted larger format and resolution improvements for this reason.

Who needs a Responsive Website?

Every For Profit and Nonprofit should consider the implications of the massive increase in mobile usage in regards to their business. Nonprofits and e-commerce websites can specifically benefit by optimizing their mobile donation or payment processes. It is expected that mobile payments will quadruple to $630 billion by the year 2014. Why not capture some of those funds for your own organization or store?

Ultimately, having a website that is accessible on mobile devices means more of your customers will have access to your website around the clock and from anywhere in the world. This will inevitably lead to a greater conversion and better overall brand experience with your company.


28 Jun

Top 10 Reasons You Need a New Website

There are several reasons a website could not be exactly the most useful tool in your toolbelt, but it aspires to be, it really does!  Here are the top 10 favorite reasons we hear, when a new website is on the horizon:

10. Your website’s purpose in life, to be your 24-hour ambassador, isn’t that clear. A good, no a great, website, conveys a main message and theme, and whatever that is should be doing so in a clear, concise way.

9. On top of being unclear, your site is navigationally challenged. Do you have a hard time finding information on your site, then think about your visitors’ experience – not good, and making the experience hard on your visitors is a huge deterrent.

8. Your website looks out of date. Your mother used to say “first impressions last a lifetime” and she was right. An out of date website makes your business or organization look unstable or untrustworthy. A fresh, well designed website creates a lasting impression of integrity, stability, and gives visitors a warm fuzzy about your business or organization.

7. You would like to do great things with your website, like communicate, but can’t. If you cannot update your own site, when you want, you need a new site! You should be able to update your site instantly with news about you, your partners, or exciting things happening with your business and organization! You shouldn’t have to wait, the web is instantaneous, and so should be your website!

6. Your website is difficult to find via search engines. Many old, outdated sites, besides not being very pretty, aren’t attractive to search engines. Built structurally sound, a new website that’s updated often attracts attention and will rise in rank!

5. Your website is filled with pages of text! These days, instant gratification, also pertains to reading, we want to know what’s going on within minutes, not hours. With such a short attention span, 150 – 250 words per page is plenty!

4. Your business or organization’s brand has changed. If you have a brand new logo, look, or tagline, its important that your website be singing the same tune!

3. Your website only displays correctly in Internet Explorer. While Microsoft used to have reign of the sandbox, there are other playmates currently in on the action – Safari, Firefox, Chrome. Creating a good experience for all your visitors is important, no matter what browser they use.

2. You never receive a lead from your website. Your website should make contacting you a breeze, or gather information from interested visitors; if you aren’t getting visited, then it is not doing its job.

1. You are embarrassed to give out your web address. Everyone’s given someone the “my contact information is there, just pay no attention, we’re “updating” the site.” If you are making excuses for your site, its time to stop it! Get a new site!