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28 Jun

Top 10 Reasons You Need a New Website

There are several reasons a website could not be exactly the most useful tool in your toolbelt, but it aspires to be, it really does!  Here are the top 10 favorite reasons we hear, when a new website is on the horizon:

10. Your website’s purpose in life, to be your 24-hour ambassador, isn’t that clear. A good, no a great, website, conveys a main message and theme, and whatever that is should be doing so in a clear, concise way.

9. On top of being unclear, your site is navigationally challenged. Do you have a hard time finding information on your site, then think about your visitors’ experience – not good, and making the experience hard on your visitors is a huge deterrent.

8. Your website looks out of date. Your mother used to say “first impressions last a lifetime” and she was right. An out of date website makes your business or organization look unstable or untrustworthy. A fresh, well designed website creates a lasting impression of integrity, stability, and gives visitors a warm fuzzy about your business or organization.

7. You would like to do great things with your website, like communicate, but can’t. If you cannot update your own site, when you want, you need a new site! You should be able to update your site instantly with news about you, your partners, or exciting things happening with your business and organization! You shouldn’t have to wait, the web is instantaneous, and so should be your website!

6. Your website is difficult to find via search engines. Many old, outdated sites, besides not being very pretty, aren’t attractive to search engines. Built structurally sound, a new website that’s updated often attracts attention and will rise in rank!

5. Your website is filled with pages of text! These days, instant gratification, also pertains to reading, we want to know what’s going on within minutes, not hours. With such a short attention span, 150 – 250 words per page is plenty!

4. Your business or organization’s brand has changed. If you have a brand new logo, look, or tagline, its important that your website be singing the same tune!

3. Your website only displays correctly in Internet Explorer. While Microsoft used to have reign of the sandbox, there are other playmates currently in on the action – Safari, Firefox, Chrome. Creating a good experience for all your visitors is important, no matter what browser they use.

2. You never receive a lead from your website. Your website should make contacting you a breeze, or gather information from interested visitors; if you aren’t getting visited, then it is not doing its job.

1. You are embarrassed to give out your web address. Everyone’s given someone the “my contact information is there, just pay no attention, we’re “updating” the site.” If you are making excuses for your site, its time to stop it! Get a new site!

06 Jun

Nonprofits! Do your online donations match up?

Target Analytics, a Blackbaud company, has released their 2011 donorCentricsTM Internet and Multichannel Giving Benchmarking Report and its companion, Improving Overall Giving Through a Multichannel Approach.  It sounds weighty, but this 22 page report (and its three page companion) is an easy read and a must for those of you trying to figure out if your online giving strategy is matching up and if grabbing donors online is worth the effort.

Well, while direct mail campaigns aren’t dead – far from it, finding and courting donors (new donors) online is important to the long-term relationship, especially if after that effort, you give them alternative ways to interact with your organization.

Key findings of the 2011 report include:

  • New donors usually give their first gift online.
  • In aggregate, online-acquired donors have much higher cumulative value over the long term than traditional mail-acquired donors.
  • Every year, large proportions of online-acquired donors switch from online giving to offline sources – primarily to direct mail.
  • Without the ability to become multichannel givers by renewing support via direct mail, online donors would be worth far less.

Even though the data to generate this report relies on just 28 major national nonprofit organizations, it is a narrative that can help any size organization focus on their online giving results and efforts to reach out to their internet audience through multiple channels.  Your donate button, and how you use it, is just part of the strategy!

If you are a nonprofit without a way to gather information from your online visitors, or are frustrated with your donate button, let us help!  Brown Dog Creative has solutions available for any size budget, contact us and begin developing your online audience into long-term supporters.

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