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29 Jan

Creating A Powerful Facebook Page

So I finally got around to creating a Facebook page for Brown Dog Creative. For many months I resisted mixing business with pleasure. I suspect many of you may feel the same? In doing so I overcame my fear and learned some important techniques in making our page powerful. After all, if I am going to spend the time to keep it up to date, it may as well work for us.

Feeling like mixing it up? Ease your mind by knowing that even though your page is created using your personal account to set up, they are in no other way associated. Fans do not see (or know) who created the page unless you tell them.

Here are (not quite) 10 points to consider:

Making Your Facebook Page Powerful

  1. Select a great vanity URL (username) as you only have one chance – It is super easy and one of the most important SEO factors! I wouldn’t worry about adding relevant keywords here as there will be many opportunities within to optimize. You simply want a name that will last – no matter what your future strategy may be – as there is no editing this component once it’s set. Set my FB username »
  2. Use the “About” box to your advantage – Add a keyword-rich description in the “about” box (text area) at the top left of your page just below your logo. It’s top-of-the-page location optimizes its importance to search engines. As always, offer great content in between keywords.
  3. Add (+) “tabs” using “Static FBML” function – Similar to the “About” box, the tab’s content area offers another opportunity to fill with great keyword-rich content. Use it ».
  4. Attach links that point to your website’s pages or blog posts – When you do, use keyword-enhanced titles to optimize the link value. Instead of “Your Company Name,” call it “Your Company’s Service.” Be as specific as you can for best results. To do so, simply click on the title to edit. You can do the same to the excerpt text below it.
  5. Always be sharing – Your mother was right… Share. Share. Share. Consider adding a “Discussion” forum to stimulate feedback on a topic in your industry or current event.
  6. Promote interaction – By adding images with captions or engaging status updates, fans will interact with your page by commenting, discussing or sharing. Each time they do, your page reaches out to their unique audience, creating more visibility for your own page.
  7. Create a badge that connects your website, blog, and social pages to your FB Fan Page. Creating these inbound links works just like it does for your company’s website by increasing your page rank.
  8. Get fans – Intra-FB linking is ideal for viral marketing. Remember the old Fabergé commercial from the 70s (she told two friends, and they told two friends, and so on and so on…)? Same principle here.

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21 Aug

Brown Dog’s Love Affair with WordPress

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Once upon a time we met a content management system that grew with us, granted our every wish and simply made us smile. Before long, we found ourselves in deep passionate love.

It was not with popular Joomla, Drupal or even hip Expression Engine (although we love it for its individuality!). No, it was with our old pal, WordPress, or WP as we call it. WP had been by our side through the early blogging years as our “go to” application, but suddenly we saw it with fresh eyes. With its state-of-the-art publishing and focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability, what’s not to love? We appreciate aesthetics. We code with web standards. We deliver usable website designs. In fact, we swear by these things. It truly is a match made in dog heaven.


With this new perspective we thought, “Why not utilize WP’s power as a web-ranking dynamo for good, and combine it with the traditional brochureware of past to create a robust, easy-to-update hybrid for our clients?” With this new breed of website, marketers can educate their customers though static pages plus create fresh user-centered content through posts as news develops. Think of it like this, your clients no longer receive a one-time brochure that quickly becomes obsolete. They get an ongoing subscription to your corporate “magazine.”

Through commenting, you will create a dialogue with users. And a WP site is social-media-ready: easily embed video and auto link to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

In terms of our love story, we are confident we found a solid partner in WordPress… and we lived happily ever after. The End.

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