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24 Feb

NTC 2011 here we come!

Me, at NTC '07, inhaling caffeine and probably checking in

Brown Dog Creative cannot WAIT to attend NTEN’s Nonprofit Technology Conference, March 17 – 19, in Washington, DC and connect and learn with others also helping the nonprofits in their communities harness the power of technology!

We feel especially close to the nonprofit community of Northeast Florida; we love our nonprofit clients, volunteer for those causes close to our heart, and always are thinking about how we can make their lives easier with the technology available!

So, even though I have gone to the NTC faithfully since 2007, I will be initiating a new attendee, Lesley. First stop, Science Fair… and before you start snickering, the Science Fair is how we keep on top of all the great tools out there, many of which are Open Source and free! OK, next stop, Ignite Session, also known as “injecting the NTC into your veins.” Are you having fun yet, thinking you need to attend, or at least figure out what this is all about?

As an NTEN member, we’d be happy to encourage you to attend the NTC! If you are a nonprofit, the NTC is probably one of the most jam-packed, invaluable information, and networking conferences you could possibly attend! We all know, there are some conferences that you can duck out at 2 o’clock in the afternoon and never look back, the NTC has you riveted and stimulated (through information, networking, caffeine, or yes, even ice cream) from 7am – 7pm, and maybe beyond, once you meet up with old or new friends!

If you, like us, implement technology solutions for nonprofit clients, the NTC isn’t a conference to miss, and we are certainly looking forward to the wide dissemination of information, networking with others bringing solutions to the nonprofit community, and let’s not forget the ice cream!

19 May

Creating a Custom Email Campaign

Emarketing No Comments by lesley.foster

One of my favorite products we offer at Brown Dog is our custom email campaign. This is a graphically enhanced email message that supports your company’s brand look and feel. With a targeted message applied, you can really get your key points across. A branded campaign is a positive touch point for your company that helps you keep in communication with your customers in a focused way.

I love the idea of making it convenient for those customers that may not visit your website, or blog site, frequently by sending them links to your most popular headlines for the quarter. This technique does double duty by reaching those that might have missed your original post and by creating more links to your website’s inner pages which in turn helps your search engine optimization or SEO.

While there are many applications out there including Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, Cake, etc. We like Campaign Monitor with its “Create Send” interface because it allows us to professionally brand your look into a custom template that you can easily add content and resend over and over from the web as you need. We like it so much, we use it ourselves!

Here is a recent post with step-by-step instructions on Sending your first email using Campaign Monitor. We do the set up, you do the sending. It’s that simple.

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