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13 Nov

Who needs a website?

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Every business that has customers or wants customers. Websites give people an easy way to find out who you are, what you offer, and why they should trust you. Every experience your customers have with your company should be a reassuring reminder that you’re the right choice. Your website is a great place to offer your customers another positive interaction with your business. Effective and thoughtful web designs offer great return on investment; in fact, a great website saves you money because it’s a 24/7 best foot forward.

15 Oct

Add a Post/Page to your WordPress Website

For a Post: In the left navigation, click Posts > Add New
For a Page: In the left navigation, click Pages > Add New

Add Title

Best if 7 words or less summarizing the entire post

Check Setup

Make sure tab is on “Visual”
Wordpress Visual Tab
Make sure second toolbar is showing: click “Show/Hide Kitchen Sink” to expand the toolbar to two rows
Show/Hide Kitchen Sink

Add Text

Type directly onto page OR paste from another document.
NOTE: If pasting from another document, you will need to convert it to plain text by clicking the plain text icon (folder with a “T”) then paste into the popup window, click INSERT.
Paste as Plain Text
This step is important because it removes formatting and characters that may be in conflict with the styles originally set up for the website. Any additional styling can then be done using the toolbar (ex. bold, bullets, etc). Use the format pulldown for heading styles. Ideally, Heading 1 should not be used within your content of your post or page, as it should be preset as the page title.

Add Image (optional)

Click the “Add an Image” icon
Add an Image in WordPress

Choose the file from your computer, click upload.
Add a good title (caption and description optional)
Add a link if you want the image to link to another page or website (otherwise leave blank)
Alignment and Size determine how it displays on the page. If you are unsure, align left and choose the size around 300 wide.

Click “Insert into Post”

Select Category

Note: Categories are for Posts only; For Pages, you have the option of selecting a parent to make it a subpage.
Check the boxes of the categories of which the post belongs. Tags are optional as well.

Add SEO (using All in One SEO plugin) (optional)

Add a keyword rich title
Description optional
Add keywords (should be the found throughout your post)

NOTE: Important for ranking on search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, etc.
All in One SEO

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