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Are you blogging (a/k/a creating content)?

June 13, 2011 No Comments by admin

The demand for compelling content is often met with “ughhh…do I have to, I’m not a writer!”  But everyone can be a writer, and developing content – whether that is blog posts, email blasts, or page content – is essential to your site being relevent for your audience!  If you aren’t comfortable with writing, or, likely, just don’t have time, let us help you.  We’ll create the content based off titling and keywords that would help raise your rank, and make your website a living, breathing, relevant organism, again!

Idea’s to get you past writer’s block

  1. Become David Letterman.  What’s your top ten list, who’s on it, and why?
  2. Do an interview.  This is a great opportunity to connect with someone in your sector that you have been unable to reach out to!  Who wouldn’t want to be considered an “expert” in their field?
  3. Find the trends.  Visit, click on the “More Hot Searches” link, and pick something from the list.

Happy blogging!

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